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Teambuilding games and activities

Teambuilding games & activities


"The toxic Giant Ash River Lizard-egg"

This 'toxic giant lizard-egg' must be moved to safety! Can it be done??!! Without losing life? Or an arm or a leg? We have to do it! We can do it! And safe the world!

And in the process we will have fun while learning to work together as a team and improve the communication within the group. This exercise will tend to naturally expose processes and issues related to many aspects of teamwork, including cooperation, communication, trust, empowerment, risk-taking, support, problem-solving, decision-making and leadership.


"The Helium Stick"

An exercise that is a must in any teambuilding endeavour.

It keeps on going up! How are we going to get it to go down! A game that is absolutely perfect for getting teams to work together. Eventually the group needs to calm down, concentrate, and very slowly, patiently lower the "Helium Stick" to the ground - easier said than done!


"Cross the Poisoned Peanut-River"

Also an all-time favourite game for teambuilding purposes. But we’re not going to give away any secrets here! Only to say that the team has to figure out a few solutions to this problem!

And then we also have one of our favourites:

The “Outrageously Amazing Race”


This “Outrageously Amazing Race” happens in and around Clarens, the lovely, arty little town in the heart of the mountainous Eastern Free State. What better backdrop than the Maluti Mountains to have some fun and to experience this awesome “adventure”!

The stunning scenery of the Eastern Free State and Clarens and all its art and beauty is the ideal venue for this fun-filled day of laughter and adventure.


The whole group will split up into 6 to 8 smaller groups, and then each small group will start with a different activity.

The emphasis will be on having fun for the day and to work out the different riddles and accomplish or finish each task or activity successfully, and not for each team to race each other. But for those “competitive” individuals who want to, they can “speed” along as well. But will it be to their advantage? It’s for them to find out!


Various activities will be incorporated into “The Outrageously Amazing Race”. Let’s see how much information we can give away, without giving any secrets away.


Archery is a must! There is no other activity that connects us to our past like archery. Archery stems from the oldest civilizations and has historically been used for hunting and in war-fare. In modern times, however, its main use is in sport and as a recreational activity. Archery is loved by young and old, sporty or not, and is ideal for “The Outrageously Amazing Race”.

An artist’s painting will have to be produced as well, I’m sure. It is all happening in Clarens, the mecca of art in South Africa, after all. Various places of interest in Clarens will also be visited. What better way to see the town and all its beauty. But Kgubetswana, the township? Is that part and parcel of Clarens as well?

And for the more adventurous there will be an easy abseil and a quick climb up the Outrageous Climbing wall. The kids love it, but so do the adults!

But what will a tour around Clarens be without a visit to the “Kloof” dam and a paddle across. And here you might just have to deal with “the toxic giant lizard egg” as well. And that terrible frustrating “helium stick” that just keeps on going up. Down, boy!


And how will you get from one activity to the next, you might well ask? The latest craze in bicycles, Redneck Customs, might just be the answer. And a leisurly quad bike obstacle course might also get you to the next fun and exciting activity.


Do it! Experience it! “The Outrageously Amazing Race”!

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